Our Charities

Help for Heroes

Help for HeroesHelp for Heroes was founded in 2007 to raise money to support our wounded service men and women who are injured in current conflicts.  The charity is a cause very close to the hearts of Prestige Boot Camp as all of the Physical Training Instructors we employ are serving or retired from the Armed Forces. Most of our trainers have fought on the front line and have friends and colleagues who have suffered injuries as a result.

Iain ‘Staff’ Reitze one of the founder members of Prestige, and many of the other trainers who work at the boot camp have first-hand experience working in the rehabilitation of injured service men and women, enabling them to return to operational duties and enjoy a better quality of life.

As a Company we want to make a contribution that will help benefit our troops, empower our soldiers back to health, and aid them on the road to recovery! With this in mind we are very proud to dedicate 3% of all our profits to Help for Heroes.

Help for Heroes challenges

You can sign up for such as sahara desert, kilamanjaro and john ogroats cycle ride.  Idea would be - why not get a group of campers together for an extreme boot camp challange and raise much needed funds for help for heroes.