Diet Delivery

Welcome to diet delivery - the new era of food delivery

You may already be familiar with food delivery services and largely associate them with less-than-health-enhancing takeaways - so, what makes our particular food delivery service at Better Body Box so distinctive?

The big difference with Better Body Box is that it is part of the new wave of health-oriented diet delivery services that aim to elevate the image of food delivery services as a whole. But much more importantly than that, they aim to affect an immense positive change in how and what we all eat.

Whereas other food delivery services offer an often far-from-healthy list of options and little guidance in terms of the best choices for you, the new generation of diet delivery services focus on helping you to achieve the nutrition and weight loss results that you may have otherwise needed to enroll on a fitness boot camp to achieve.


An introduction to Better Body Box


The above link between the worlds of the fitness boot camp and the diet food delivery service is an important one. After all, our own highly respected weight loss retreats at Prestige Boot Camp have long placed a great emphasis on providing our participants with the right nutrition so that they can achieve the right results.

However, you don't need to have enrolled on a fitness boot camp before to enjoy the benefits of our acclaimed new diet delivery service. It has been made possible by a collaboration with one of the undoubted leaders in the emerging diet delivery market, Balance Box.

Like many other food delivery services, Better Body Box works on the very simple premise of delivering food direct to your door - specifically, a delicious and nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus two snacks, every day. There are two plans to choose from, depending on the size of your appetite, but the benefits - helping you to get the right nutrients while shedding the pounds - are much the same.

Once you've put together your own Better Body Box and chosen your desired schedule, you can sit back and await the delivery of your diet food direct to your door. You can then simply pop it in the fridge and take advantage of those three daily meals exactly when you need them.


The benefits of diet delivery


If you're still considering whether it really is worth switching your present food delivery service to a diet delivery one like Better Body Box, give some thought of all of the usual issues that you may have with food. If you currently struggle with the planning of your meals, ensuring that they are nutritious, counting your calories and exercising portion control, you can have all of those needs catered for by the right diet food delivery service.

Having your meals delivered by Better Body Box, then, is akin to having your own personal chef to look over your weight loss and nutritional requirements. With your healthy daily meals and snacks being freshly prepared at Covent Garden Fruit & Veg Market before being sent out to anywhere in England, Scotland or Wales, it really has never been easier to lose weight!

The Better Body Box programme is a truly proven one for weight loss, providing you with the calorie controlled gourmet meals that make up the complete balanced diet. No longer do you need to take the time or spend the money needed to shop for or prepare your meals yourself, and when you begin to feel the heightened energy and wellbeing that our meals help to bring, you'll wonder why you didn't start your own Better Body Box so much sooner.


Start putting together your own Better Body Box today


We have already won rave reviews for our diet delivery service from customers amazed by the positive impact on their health of the perfectly balanced meals that our service provides. If you are ready to become one of them, simply head to the Better Body Box website today, choose your menu plan and complete your order online, before awaiting the direct delivery of your food to your door.

With Better Body Box, you can quickly discover how surprisingly easy it can be to start losing weight via a straightforward switch to a diet delivery programme. In our current, increasingly health and fitness-oriented age, you shouldn't expect anything less for both your mind and body.