Who comes on Prestige Boot Camp?

Men and women who come to PBC do so for a variety of reasons - to improve their fitness, to lose weight, or simply just to get away from the daily grind and challenge themselves. Whatever your reason for coming to a camp, we will ensure that you achieve the most out of your experience.

Am I fit enough?

Men and women of all ages, shapes, experience, and fitness levels will achieve great results. Everyone can go at their own pace and you will receive plenty of motivation and support from the staff and other boot campers alike to help you achieve YOUR personal goals.

Who will train us?

You will be trained by British Military trained Physical Training Instrucrors (PTIs) reputed to be the finest in the world.

What is the accommodation like?

The accommodation is carefully chosen with your comfort in mind. We only use 5 star rated venues in beautiful rural locations to ensure that after a hard day's training you can relax in luxury surrounds.

If I book a twin room, who do I share with?

The majority of our clients share with fellow recruits whom they have not met before, and many form good friendships during the week. We also offer private rooms for those who prefer their own space.

What will I have to eat whilst on camp?

3 wholesome meals, with 2 snacks and, of course plenty of fluids.

Will I be hungry?

As the menu is designed to incorporate enough amounts of starchy foods, full of long acting energy, you should not feel hungry. Foods with a low glycaemic load are included, helping you to feel fuller for longer.

Portions are calorie controlled but as the foods used are low fat, you can still eat a good amount.

I need a special diet for medical reasons- is this a problem?

No, if you have a medical condition and need something special our dietician can work with the chef to meet your requirements.

How much weight will I lose?

The amount of weight you lose will be dependent on your size, gender and exercise regime, and the diet plan suggested will be tailored to your individual needs by our staff. Our excellent exercise plans combined with your nutritional plan will mean inch loss too. You will be much more toned and feel and look great!

What do I need to bring?

When you book you will be sent a suggested kit list of everything you require. You can also download the kit list here. We provide all the exercise equipment

How do I book?

To book please click here and tell us the course date and room type you would like to attend. Alternatively call us now on 0117 973 12 13.

What payment method can I use?

We can accept payment by cheque, bank transfer or credit card. We accept all major cards except Amex. All card transactions include an additional 2% handling fee.

How do I get there?

The arrival and departure times and travel arrangements can be found on the relevant boot camp page on our website and will also be emailed to you upon booking.

Should I notify Prestige Boot Camp if I have any injuries, illness or allergies?

Yes, you should inform us of any conditions that you may have when you fill out your medical form prior to your arrival at PBC. This will allow us to adapt your training program and menu to suit your individual requirements. We would also require a letter from your doctor to say that you are fit and well enough to attend PBC.

What dietary advice will I receive after the boot camp?

Following your stay with us at Prestige, we will continue to offer assistance with dietary advice and provide you with a flexible nutrition plan to take home. This has been compiled by our registered dieticians.

Our plans for home will help you achieve the following:

Improve your intake of wholegrain foods rich in long lasting energy

Meals are based around starchy foods such as cereals, rice, pasta, potatoes and bread. They should make up about 1/3 of the energy we eat. These foods contain not only energy, but can contain fibre, B vitamins, iron and some calcium.

Each meal should provide a good portion of these foods. They are not fattening unless you add too much fat (i.e. oil and butter to them).

Wholegrain varieties are much better because they are digested more slowly, contain more fibre and make us feel fuller for longer

Include a moderate intake of protein rich foods, including foods essential for strength and well being

Some diets are based on high protein intakes- far more than our body actually needs. Our plans are based around giving you the right amount of protein- using foods low in saturated fat to provide this.

Fish in particular is a good source of protein and oily fish will contain omega 3 fats which keep our heart healthy

Include a good intake of calcium containing foods for optimal bone health.

Our plans aim to encourage 3 portions of calcium containing foods each day, from a variety of sources. Combined with weight bearing exercise, calcium is necessary for a healthy bone turnover and a strong skeleton.

Eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day

We all know we should be eating more fruit and vegetables but a lot of us still don’t eat 5 a day! Our plans will include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables- giving a good intake of vitamins, minerals and fibre and helping us to feel great.

Reduce the amount of salt and sugar you eat.

We will encourage you to choose foods using as many fresh ingredients as possible. However, we will be realistic and support you with guidelines for choosing take always and shop bought ready meals for those times when life is busy.

A lower salt intake is important to reduce the risk of cardiovascular related illnesses such as stroke and heart disease.

Cutting down on sugar means a lower calorie intake which will help with weight reduction- It’s also better for you teeth.

Hopefully our snack ideas will help you to change to a healthier way of eating.