Prestige Military Fitness

A unique chance to be trained by world-class military instructors over a weekend

  • Once a month on Saturday & Sunday 
  • Particpate 1 or 2 concecutive days
  • Open to both men & women 
  • Suitable for all fitness levels

Experts in outdoor fitness

Prestige Boot Camp Military Fitness Classes are the premiere fitness, training, and healthy living boot camp program in the UK! We offer outdoor fitness classes in parks across the UK operating every week of the year to make your fitness and weight loss goals part of your lifestyle.

Our goal is to get you in great shape, reduce stress, lose weight, increase energy, build confidence and new boot camp friendships. Why spend time shut indoors, sweating on that treadmill while staring at the world outside when you could be outside getting fit, losing weight, and having fun?

Effective results with a proven track record

We have over 5 years’ experience and thousands of people who have used our tried and tested formula very successfully to get fit, lose weight and feel great. Whether you are a new mum, a busy professional, looking to lose weight, already super fit or a seasoned athlete you will get a fantastic workout to your individual ability.

Every session is different

We keep it fresh, appealing and enjoyable and aim to constantly challenge your body and fitness. We will ensure you don‘t get bored with a variety of sessions each week including team games, boxing, circuits, strength training, and running. Friends with benefitsWith Prestige Boot Camp Military Fitness we will provide you with a whole new attitude toward fitness that is contagious. Our classes are all about getting fit together, it’s all about the camaraderie along with the motivation and support to each other to push yourselves and pull together. The social atmosphere provided by our group classes will ensure you don’t get bored. Just show up with a positive attitude, participate with like-minded people and have fun!

Eat clean and train dirty

So after all the hard work getting sweaty outdoors we don’t want to let a poor diet ruin your workouts! As part of your membership package you will also get access to our online member’s area which includes nutrition advice and clean eating menu plans to maximise your results!

Expect the best

All our instructors are serving or former members of the Armed Forces, are fully insured and qualified under the Register of Exercise Professionals. All our fitness experts are kept up to date to deliver the most current and effective training techniques, injury prevention and rehabilitation. The tough physical training, persistence and determination from their military backgrounds make them ideal to deliver the same ethos in our boot camp classes. Our trainers aim to win hearts and minds; educate; and empower you; to make lifestyle changes that last. They will work tirelessly to keep you motivated with their high energy, inspiration and humour to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Have a question about our boot camps? Call us on 0117 973 12 13

London, Hyde Park

One of the greatest Parks in the World, Hyde Park at over 350 acres is one of the largest green spaces in London. Hyde Park is a central base for everyone to feel alive and get outside and there is a good chance you will forget you are in the centre of London!

Meeting point 
You will be expected to muster at the Lido Resaurant near the Diana Memorial Fountain at no later than 10 00 where you will be met and briefed by your trainer. There are toilets and a cafe and parking.

Bristol, Durdham Downs

Large green space on the edge of the city with views of the Avon Gorge, Leigh Woods and the severn estuary. Perfect for picnics, exercise, sports and events.

Meeting point
Cafe under the water tower at the top of Blackboy Hill

Have a question about our boot camps? Call us on 0117 973 12 13

Have a question about our boot camps? Call us on 0117 973 12 13

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Have a question about our boot camps? Call us on 0117 973 12 13