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Celebrity Boot Camp: SAMANTHA FOX

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We take a peek inside at how Sam Fox got bikini-ready for her jungle adventure - by talking to her best pal about her trip to celebrity boot camp. She shot to fame in the 80’s as a gorgeous glamour model with a killer body, and the prospect of a stint in the jungle made 42-year old Sam Fox determined to get back in shape - so she hit boot camp with her best pal, Samantha Williams.  Here, Samantha talks exclusively to Reveal about the models determination to succeed, and gives us an inside look at the curvy campmate.

Sam thought it would be a great way to get her fitness levels back up

Sam Fox

Personal trainer Samantha 37, tells us: ‘Sam has done lots of training to get her body in perfect condition over the years, but when she’s busy she has less time to work out.  ‘She’s been toying with the idea of going into the jungle for a few years now. Every time we watched a series she’s say, “Oh do you think I’d be able to do that trial?” I think she needed a confidence boost before she went in.  ‘I’d been to a boot camp a few times and raved about it, so Sam thought it would be a great way to get her fitness levels back up.’

Sam and Samantha spent eight days of intensive training at Prestige Boot Camp in Devon in September and 5ft 1 Sam dropped from 8st 1lb to 7st 8lb.  Her trainer tells us: ‘Sam wanted a nice flat tummy and a pert bottom before the jungle. Sam loved putting in the hard work.’ Before heading into the jungle, Sam herself said: I’m really proud of my body. I’m a 43 year old women and everything’s natural about me. I want to show women in their forties that we can still look great.’ As well as losing seven pounds at boot camp, Sam found mixing with people she’s never met before invaluable. Her friend tells us: ‘Boot camp wasn’t just about boosting Sam’s confidence. All of a sudden Sam was in a situation where she’s had to get along with people she might not usually be friends with, just like the jungle.  ‘It sounds cheesy but Sam found it really empowering and she loved meeting new people.’

Samantha first met Sam seven years ago, and the pair has been inseparable ever since.  The personal trainer tells us: ‘Sam is very careful and thoughtful round other people. She’s a sensitive soul, but she’s also a tough cookie.  ‘She’s the best person to turn to for advice - she’s seen the world and always gives you a good perspective on a problem.  We always have a laugh together, too.  ‘When we get ready for night out, Sam’s not shy! She'll stroll around in her bra, chatting away. She doesn’t even think about it - she doesn’t mind who sees her because she spent years taking her top off for a living.’  In fact, Sam’s so proud of her assets that once she famously insured her breasts for a quarter of a million pounds. Her pal says: ‘We’d love her to do the “shower shot” in the jungle like Myleene Klass. Sam doesn’t take herself too seriously. She’s a joker and picks people up by laughing and being funny.’

Samantha thinks her friend will find it most difficult being away from her partner Myra Stratton while she’s in the jungle. ‘They’re very close and do everything together. When Sam and I went to boot camp, it was tough to be away from Myra for so long. Their reunion afterwards was very emotional.’  She adds, ‘I don’t think she’ll struggle with food rations. She’s constantly talking. When we go for dinner her food will have gone cold by the time she stops nattering!’ ‘Sam’s very no-nonsense, so she’ll just get stuck in and put up with it whatever she has to do. When she does a trial she’ll give it her all, because it means her friends will be rewarded.’ And Sam’s got some tricks up her sleeve if she gets stressed out in the jungle.  Samantha tells us: ‘At boot camp we leant how to self-hypnotise. If we have a bad day we can touch a trigger point in our fingers and immediately think if a happy place. If Sam gets stressed out in the jungle she’ll be doing that!’ The personal trainer also thinks Sam will have something other than glamour modeling in common with Katie Price.  Sam will bond with Katie over what Katie’s been though this past year. Sam’s been though difficult relationships, too, and she’s a great listener, so she’ll be able to support Katie.’

As for Sam’s hopes during her time on I’m a celebrity… her pal is certain she would love to win.  ‘If Sam wins she’ll be emotional and chuffed, ‘she says: ‘she be completely overwhelmed.’