Glam UK - Survival of the fittest

16 December 2009

A friend of mine, who would never swap her slippers for trainers, recently astounds me!  Her new svelte toned body and glowing skin was down to seven days at boot camp.

She says, “It was a life changing experience.” LOL!! Yeah, I bet it was! Especially when a commander in chief style officer named ‘Staff Reitze’ welcomed her, stripping her off with her mobile phone, food items and her ticket to freedom (car keys) before measuring her up for her boot camp gear.

In my imagination my vision of boot camp would be like when G.I Jane, Demi Moore went through rigorous SEAL training, getting down to 20 hours of grueling nitty gritty exercise in the pouring rain.

However after looking at pictures of the Devon boot camp with its breathtaking views, I start to get itchy feet but go as far as stepping into my ‘Fit Flops’. A flip-flop with a built in gym.

I wonder if it is at all possible to go from flab to fab in just a week? - Judging from my friend’s new trim figure the answer was obvious! 

Running, boxing, canoeing, climbing, circuits and being served up tichy, yet tasty portions of healthy food is also on the agenda. Well that sounds much better than eating out of a rubbish bin like Moore had too!

Prestige Boot Camp is becoming increasingly fashionable with many of the A-list all signing up to get a body like G.I Jane.  Now there’s a thought! If I get a body like Demi Moore, then maybe it will land me a man like Ashton Kutcher?!