5 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Exercising

5 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Exercising

21 March 2019

If your body is looking more "flab" than "fab", you could soon start seriously considering adding a greater amount of physical exercise to your regular schedule. However, if you weren't previously in the habit of exercising, you could be prone to making rookie mistakes.

Here are some of the biggest blunders which you ought to avoid in your attempts to shape up. It's largely a matter of starting tentatively and then building your way up to greater success.

Being too ambitious too early

It's up to you where exactly you set the pace in your early exercise efforts. Even if you deem your current fitness practically nonexistent, you could join one of our day or weekend boot camps in London's Hyde Park. You could later consider one of our longer retreats if you feel up for it.

Still, follow MyFitnessPal's advice not to get "overzealous about adding mileage, reps or weight", as it will take time for your body's soft tissue to safely adapt to what you put it through.

Sticking to an overly repetitive exercise regime

When you're ready, it wouldn't be ill-advised for you to work out daily. In fact, it would be smart as an attempted slimming technique, says Verywell Fit - but, all the same, resist daily sticking to the same mode, intensity or duration with your workouts.

We say this because, by ignoring this advice, your body would become too used to the day-by-day workload and so lead your weight loss to stall.

Not putting enough effort into your workouts

How exactly would you know what constitutes "too much" or "too little" effort? You can find out by joining a fat camp run by Prestige Boot Camp. You will then have access to an instructor who can tell you exactly what to do and when.

Listen carefully to their instructions. This person is a fitness expert, so ignoring them would be like scribbling on your tax return as an accountant fills it out, the Yahoo website makes clear.

Comparing yourself to others instead of your past self

While on one of our camps, resist paying too much attention to how the person beside you is exercising. After all, you can't be certain how much energy they have or about the kind of fitness regime to which their body has comfortably adjusted itself.

Instead, endeavour to simply surpass the records that you have previously set for yourself.  Rest assured that the instructor on our camp will take account of your capabilities as they encourage you.

Too eagerly rewarding workouts by eating

After exhausting yourself with a particularly strenuous exercise session, you could feel such a massive sense of achievement that you reach for some food - "because I've earned it".

Unfortunately, though, you might give yourself too little time to think over your food choices, resulting in you picking up something unhealthy like a chocolate bar. At Prestige Boot Camp, we can teach you how to augment your workouts with good nutrition rather than undo your good work.