5 Hacks for Making Time for Exercise

5 Hacks for Making Time for Exercise

17 May 2016

Exercise is one of those things that most of us recognise as important and that many of us aspire to do.

Indeed, getting fit is one of the most frequently planned New Year resolutions. Despite this, such a large proportion of us don't seem to get round to implementing a proper exercise regime.

Such missed workouts may be attributable to a genuine lack of time, or you may be more of a couch potato than you realise - whatever the situation, give these five brilliant time hacks a try.

1. Combine exercise with everyday activities

Need to commute to work? Of course you do, so try to incorporate a bike ride and/or walk into your trip. What if you've got an important textbook to read? Well, you could always pick up the audiobook equivalent and bring it with you to your next gym session.

Even if you're in the mood for a Netflix binging session, there's nothing stopping you doing it from an exercise bike in your living room.

 2. Cut down on your screen time

This may seem ironic given what you're doing right now, but seriously - tot up all of those hours spent in front of a desktop PC, TV, smartphone or tablet, and we can almost guarantee that you will be shocked.

According to research by Ofcom, Internet users aged 16 or above spent over 20 hours and 30 minutes a week online in 2014 - and that doesn't even touch on the hours of TV watching that many of us get through every day.

3. Call the babysitter or a caring relative

Parents can become especially frustrated by a lack of available exercise time amid all of the stresses and strains of life with a son or daughter. If you're one of them, perhaps now is an opportune time to realise that you can't possibly do everything - instead, get on the phone to a babysitter.

Don't feel guilty about freeing up your time in this way. After all, doing so gives you the opportunity to establish a healthier routine that will serve as a good example to your children, a recent study having shown that the more physically active the mother, the more active her children tend to be.

4. Prepare in advance for those unexpected workouts

The opportunity to exercise can crop up at the most unexpected times - perhaps an appointment has been cancelled and you are suddenly left with a few spare hours.

However, if you don't have a swimsuit for going to the local swimming pool or a decent pair of trainers for walking, you may give up on the idea before you've even started. The remedy: don't be that person. Prepare by getting all of the vital gear together in advance.

5. Figure out your daily window

Ultimately, none of us has the time to exercise - what makes the difference is how much we want to make time for exercise. Even if you seem to have a packed routine, there will almost certainly be windows of opportunity for working out each day, if you look hard enough at your schedule.  

On Monday, the best time may be immediately after work, while on another day, early morning may be more suitable. Whatever windows of time you identify, make sure you make the most of them.

Remember that if you do still lack the motivation to get up and moving, you've always got the option of taking advantage of one of our vigorous fitness boot camps right here at Prestige Boot Camp! With a long list of satisfied past clients, we will help to ensure that you get your new healthy routine off to the best possible start.