How Group Training Can Transform Your Fitness

How Group Training Can Transform Your Fitness

21 March 2019

At first, getting fit and losing weight could both seem more difficult than they are worth. After all, it'd be much easier for you to simply stay on your sofa and pour another cup of tea... with biscuits. However, the rewards from improving your fitness and shifting weight can be considerable.

You'll feel better in yourself, while your overall health will improve dramatically. However, perhaps you still need that extra push into getting fit and healthy in the New Year. That's right, getting fit in the New Year isn't just for D-list celebrities who want to sell a hastily thrown-together workout DVD.

It's for you, too, even though you may be struggling. Here at Prestige, we think we've got just the right solution for you. Read on to find out more on this point...

It's better with friends!

Not many people who want to get fit and lose weight feel confident throwing themselves into a huge public gym, swimming with the wannabes, the bodybuilders and the queen bees. Like the school yard, but for adults. However, why not get together in your own fitness gang?

You're not the only person who wants to lose weight in the New Year; you're bound to have good friends who are willing to take the humbling journey with you.

Healthy competition…

There's nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition, and healthy it certainly will be. Recently, fitness classes have become increasingly popular, with a slew of gyms offering them regularly.

Imagine sitting on a row of spinning bikes, for example, with all of your friends. With the dreamy class instructor barking orders of encouragement at you, you're naturally going to step up the competition and try to outdo your friends.

All the time, though, you will inadvertently be working together to improve each other's health and fitness. That's got to be better than sitting at the back of the class on your own, or wandering round the gym filling up your water bottle yet again.

Have a life, change your life

It has been said that 40% of people who join a fitness class alone will drop out pretty soon after joining. You do the maths. Do you want to be part of that 40%, or would you rather have a laugh and change your life? No chatting at the back, just laughing as you and your friends spin your way to a brighter future.

Change your life, get a life…

Perhaps one of the best things you could do as a group is join a fitness camp. Here at Prestige, we offer just that. A fitness holiday with your friends could be just what you need.

If your days in Magaluf are over, come to one of our luxury retreats and treat yourself – and your friends – to a brand new you! A group of people changing their lives together can inspire and laugh, as well as stick by each other forever.   

The weight is over to find a new you. It's time for you and your friends to change things for the better.