How To Sustain Your Personal Development Even On Your Annual Holiday

How To Sustain Your Personal Development Even On Your Annual Holiday

31 May 2019

With summer just around the corner, it may be that you’re starting to count down to your long-awaited holiday. Sea, sand and sangria… you’ve earned it. However, while you may be envisaging yourself stretching out on that sun lounger, you may also be worried about sustaining your fitness.

Of course, you deserve a rest, though an all-inclusive hotel diet can read similarly to the diet of a seven-year-old left unattended at a birthday party. Two weeks of letting loose certainly won’t undo all of your hard work, but it can hamper your progression.  With that in mind, just how can you sustain your personal development while also enjoying your holiday?


Train efficiently


As you’re off on your jollies, it’s understandable that your training load will be reduced greatly – this isn’t something you should feel guilty about. Rest and recuperation are just as important for the body as exercise.


Only train if you want to, and because it’s something you enjoy. Forcing yourself to train while you’re on holiday will likely make for an ineffective workout and may lead to a negative training mindset upon your return.


Set yourself a goal if necessary. If you’re away for two weeks, aim for a workout every three days – anything extra is a bonus! Keep your training programme simple, as trying to follow an advanced plan is unlikely to work when you’re unsure about gym resources. HIIT workouts are generally advisable while travelling, as you need little to no equipment, and they can be done in the comfort of your hotel room.


Walk as often as you’re able

Walking as much as possible will help to keep your body fat levels down. Therefore, when taking this into account, walk everywhere you can. Not only is this a brilliant way for you to see new places, it will also help to keep you slim without excessive stress on your body. Also, it’s a free mode of transport!


Swim your heart out

Swimming comes with many health benefits – and, fortunately for you, it’s a holiday staple when in a hot country. Be sure to make the most of it – and, whether it’s in the pool or ocean, aim to fit in a few lengths each morning. Not only will you benefit from the relaxing effects of being at one with the water, it will also get your heart pumping.


Limit carb intake


Of course, part of being on holiday involves sampling all of the local delicacies, though this must be done in moderation. Where possible, try to limit your carb intake until evenings, as this will help you to remain in a state of ketosis throughout the day. This means that the body is running off fat – you can still enjoy all of the native cuisine without bloating.


If you do have qualms about being able to maintain a healthy diet and active lifestyle, consider combining your travels with a fitness retreat. A Prestige Bootcamp can help to ensure that you sustain your personal development while also enjoying your holiday. You could even head to a boot camp for holiday preparation.