Inspiring European Locations That Will Keep You Fit Through Summer

Inspiring European Locations That Will Keep You Fit Through Summer

31 May 2019

Sure, in an ideal world, our fitness levels would be at their peak when summer comes around. However, with the likes of Christmas, Easter and all of the celebrations in between, it’s often not possible. And if your fitness levels are currently pleasing on both an aesthetic and physical level, you’re likely to want to maintain your physique throughout summer.

Of course, summer holidays are often the perfect excuse to unwind and rejuvenate away from the stresses and toils of the daily work and home life. But there are actually many inspiring European locations that will keep you fit throughout summer. You can get away but ensure that you keep fit, it’s a double-win


Alpujarras, Spain

Combining holidaying and fitness can make for the ultimate adventure, from challenging hikes to invigorating cycling breaks. The peaceful region of Andalusia that borders Granada offers dramatic yet accessible landscapes, great for a scenic stroll. The bright blue skies and blazing white villages make for the perfect hike; take a gentle stroll through the wildflower-laden lower slopes of the snow-topped Sierra Nevada.


Montenegro, Gulf of Kotor

The coastline of Montenegro is incredible, and is home to the stunning Unesco-protected Gulf of Kotor. Here lie the azure waters of the Blue Grotto cave and Mamula Island, otherwise known as the Montenegrin Alcatraz. The picturesque towns embedded in the wondrous mountains make for the perfect hike and the Adriatic coastline offers kilometre after kilometre of swimming. If swimming isn’t your strong point, there are kayaks available to rent - the ultimate arm workout for sure.


French Alps

Take on the best of the French Alps with a brilliant cycle-centric tour! The littering of bars, restaurants and cafes along the way provide plentiful of pitstops to refuel and recharge. It’s certainly a slog that will test your endurance but the awe-inspiring views make it fully worth it. You can test the classic Tour de France climb, Col de Joux Plane for yourself. Pedal through valleys, cliffs, alpine meadows and forests - each with excellent roads and mesmerising scenery.


North-Western Crete

This region is a brilliant destination for single walkers owed to the unhurried pathways and serene swimming spots. The sociable taverna diners offer a host of delicious Mediterranean food; such cuisine is often hailed as one of the world’s best diets, plentiful in vegetables, fruit, nuts and seafood. The perfect combination of deliciously nutritious-rich food and exercise excursions in the great outdoors.


Of course, if you’re looking for something a little more disciplined then there are several fantastic Weight Loss Boot Camps which are a great alternative to your traditional summer holiday. You can still sample the sun, sea and sand but you also a receive a rigorous yet extremely fun and motivating fitness regime. Plus, the fact you will be holidaying alongside likeminded fitness fanatics will prove highly encouraging.

There really is no better way to ensure you stay during summer than by incorporating a solidified fitness regime into your holiday. Of course, be sure to indulge and enjoy yourself but don’t go overboard - you really can’t out-train a bad diet.