New Year, New Lifestyle, New You: Simple tips to get into shape for 2011.

26 January 2011

The over-indulgence of many during Christmas Holiday celebrations is now sadly over, and we are now into a new year, and back to reality. Back to our work places, back to our routines, back to our busy lives. How am I going lose weight for my summer holiday?   How do I get into shape for my friend’s birthday in a few weeks? What exercises do I need to do to tone up, we hear you ask?!

We intend to answer all of your 2011 fitness queries through our latest series of simple Prestige Boot Camp New Year tips. Our first article looks at starting to get fit through simple exercises and eating habits at your workplace:

Tone Up at The Office! Yes – you really can start to get fit at the office…

Start by sitting up straight at your desk with a good posture. This takes muscle effort, and will improve you muscle tone and posture! By also pulling your belly button to your spine and releasing, this will switch your abs on and off if repeated.

Alternately tensing each butt cheek will also tone your Glutes, and if you have your feet on their heels under the desk, by alternately paddle up and down, this will work your calves and burn energy.

If you fancy getting adventurous in the office, you could place your fingers under the desk with your thumb on top of the desk.  Lifting and then releasing, this will tone your arms.
Repeat all of the above 20 times, and then 15, 10, 5. Do these 5 days a week, and you will make a difference – and you don’t have to even step foot in to a gym!


Eat The Right Food, The Right Way, Regularly...

Craving for that Monday morning breakfast bap and sugary drink? High GI foods and sugary drinks increase blood sugars quickly and increase cravings for food.  Also, definitely avoid those easy microwaveable ready meals and takeaways at lunch. Cut back on salt (retains fluid) and sugar (High GI), and instead, throughout your working day, snack on the right Low GI snacks/carbs (link) or fruit, eat protein to make you feel full and drink plenty of water.

This will give you longer lasting energy throughout the day, and help you feel great!

Follow these simple steps everyday, and you will be on your way to a New You this New Year!