Some of the best sports to ease you into a fitness routine

Some of the best sports to ease you into a fitness routine

8 June 2017

If you’re looking to begin a fitness routine, but you’ve been a couch potato for too long, why not try easing yourself in with an easy sport? It’s not always easy sticking to a fitness routine, but if you find a sport that you enjoy, you’ll probably feel more inclined to keep it up. We’ve compiled a few sports and activities that might help you get going.


  • Swimming

Swimming is a workout for your entire body, and an easy swim can burn around 500 calories per hour while putting in more effort can burn around 700. This is because water is a lot denser than air, so every workout you do in the pool is a resistance workout for your entire body, particularly your core, hips, arms and shoulders. What’s great about swimming is that you can either spend your time simply swimming lengths, or follow a workout guide that will give you some tips on exercises that you can do in the pool.


  • Volleyball

If you’re looking for a sport with easy rules that you can play in a team, volleyball is a great option. This will burn calories, improve your muscular system and increase your energy rate. What’s more, if the sun is shining, you can always head to the beach for a game on the sand. Participating in a team sport will give you more motivation to stick to a routine because you can build a support network of people that you will feel the need to rely on.


  • Tennis

When compared to more traditional cardiovascular activities like running and cycling, the health benefits of tennis can sometimes be overlooked. It keeps your mind occupied to the extent that you may not feel as much strain in your body as you would with something less focused. Playing tennis for an hour can burn as much as 600 calories, too!


  • Badminton

Much like tennis, badminton is a great racquet sport that burns fat at roughly 450 calories per hour. It’s a great option for older people as it helps to promote mobility, preventing arthritis and other similar conditions from occurring or worsening. The fast-paced nature of the game will improve your speedy reflexes too, something that many people struggle to maintain as they age.


  • Hiking

Hiking not only exercises every part of the body but it is a fantastic opportunity to experience the great outdoors in ways you otherwise may not get to. To reap the benefits of hiking, you don’t need to trek for miles and miles. Going out for a walk for 10-20 minutes a day can help you develop strength, flexibility and anaerobic endurance – putting you in better shape to get into a more rigorous fitness routine.


Keep in mind that it takes time to see results, so if your initial enthusiasm for a new sport is waning try not to throw in the towel too early. Indicators of your progress won’t just be shown in your physical appearance, but you’ll be likely to be sleeping better, have more energy and be thinking clearer too. Once you’ve got the hang of sticking to a routine, you’ll find it easier to increase your workout level and go onto something such as a bootcamp which gives you a chance to work out alongside a group of like-minded people.