Summer workout mistakes to avoid

Summer workout mistakes to avoid

14 May 2018

If you love outdoor workouts, summer can seem like an especially appealing time to embark on them. However, if you have been regularly exercising indoors or in colder weather, you might not realise summer exercise's various implications that, left unheeded, could pose needless risks. Fortunately, you can help yourself avoid such risks if you take particular precautions before heading out for a summer workout. Here are examples of blunders that you ought to avoid.

Drinking only when thirst kicks in

When you exercise in a warm summer climate, your body will use its water supplies to regulate its temperature. Your body is reliant on sufficient water stores, so letting your fluids run low will hamper your ability to perform optimally, warns

Therefore, it's wise to not only drink one or two glassfuls of water before a lengthy workout, but also take a bottle of water along to help keep your fluid supplies buoyant.  

Skipping the sunscreen

However much your mother might have urged you to wear sunscreen on sunny days when you were a kid, you could still be tempted to skimp on it if you look outside to seemingly a very cloudy scene.

That would be a pity, as such a sight could mislead you about how seriously the summer sun could adversely affect your skin. Hence, before leaving home for a workout, apply a sweat-proof sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and reapply every couple of hours if your exercise will be moderate.

You should actually reapply it every 45 to 60 minutes if your workouts will be intense. You mustn't overlook that, every time you are sunburnt, your skin cancer risk increases. Particularly bad sunburn could double your chances of suffering skin cancer's most dangerous form, malignant melanoma.

Starting a workout late

You don't want to risk overheating and thus damaging your body - but you would be doing exactly that if you delay a morning workout by just an hour, cautions MindBodyNetwork.

The reason for this peculiarity is that, during summer, temperatures rise at a much earlier point in the day. However, you can avoid unnecessarily harming your body if you continue to exercise at the same time of the morning on a daily basis - including at weekends.

Choosing dark colours for workout attire

Black colours might have a desirable slimming effect when worn on nights out, but you aren't simply enjoying an occasion on the town when you exercise. Black and other dark colours actually absorb heat, making them impractical when you are trying to avoid overheating as you exercise.

Opt instead for lighter hues, as these would reflect the sun.

Don't load yourself with protein pre-workout

Excessive consumption of protein before working out could increase your basal temperature and so risk you overheating, says If you have a protein bar just waiting to be eaten, save it for after the workout; it will assist you in rebuilding muscle.

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