Surprising Benefits of Working Out

Surprising Benefits of Working Out

29 November 2016

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or you just want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you will already understand the benefits of working out. Weight loss, improved stamina and better mental health are just three of the most commonly known benefits of regular exercise, but there are other advantages to donning your gym shoes and moving your body.

Below, we put together five of the most surprising benefits of working out to give you some pre-Christmas workout motivation!

Exercise makes your brain work better

Exercise has long been linked to reducing depression, improving your memory and helping you learn quicker – great if you’re studying or need to buckle down at work. New research has even sighted that exercise is the best way to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, so it makes sense to take a more active approach to living. Scientists believe that the increased blood flow which takes place during exercise allows you to create new cells in your brain, which is great for your cognitive health.

Your fat cells will shrink

During exercise, your body burns both carbohydrates and fats as energy. While you do shed pounds during exercising, it is only when you’ve finished your training when your body gets to work. To repair and replenish, your body uses oxygen, and this process has been known to shrink fat cells and help you lose weight in the process.

It will make your skin look great

When you exercise aerobically – also known as cardio exercise – your body increases its blood flow to your skin, which delivers the essential oxygen and nutrients you need to improve the health of your skin and heal your wounds. Remember to drink plenty of water during your workout and moisturise when you’re done, and you’ll soon achieve a glowing, healthy complexion.

It’ll make you happier

If you’re the sort of person that actively avoids exercise at all costs, you may be surprised to learn that working out can make you happier. When you move, chemicals are released in your brain – like serotonin, noradrenaline, endorphins and dopamine – which are known to reduce pain, improve your mood and reduce your levels of stress. Whether you’re a beginner or you’re a gym regular, signing up to a weight loss retreat with Prestige Boot Camp can help to kick-start a healthier you.

It’s good for your sex life              

While an obvious benefit of working out is losing weight and increasing your stamina, regular exercise is also linked with improved erections. Men who exercised for just half an hour a day were 41% less likely to have erectile dysfunction when compared to sedentary men, so it makes sense to go for a jog or hit the gym to maintain a healthy sex life.

While exercising isn’t always the most exciting activity you can take part in, it’s clear that the benefits of doing so make it worthwhile. If our surprising exercising benefits have given you motivation, then put on your running shoes and start working out today.