What should you expect from a weight loss retreat?

What should you expect from a weight loss retreat?

3 April 2018

Your first weight loss retreat can be daunting, particularly when you don’t know what to expect. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of things that you should expect to gain from your healthy holiday.

A change in your diet

You might think that if you eat less and move more then your weight loss journey should be simple. In fact, science has proven that what we eat plays a much more important role than how often or how hard we exercise. This means that you can only succeed in your weight loss if you’re 100% committed to a change in your diet. On a weight loss retreat, you’ll be provided with meals, snacks and drinks that have been prepared to your dietary requirements, taking your goals into account.

More knowledge about exercise and nutrition

It’s one thing to overhaul your nutrition while you’re on your chosen retreat but what about when you get home? That’s why it’s also vital to increase your knowledge about nutrition and exercise so you can keep up the good work. Those who work at weight loss retreats will be qualified and experienced to know exactly what does and doesn’t work to drop the pounds. You may be given recipes, meal plans and an exercise programme to take away with you.

A personalised programme

For first-time weight loss retreaters, a personalised programme tends to work the best. This is because you’re likely to gain one-to-one reviews about how you can benefit the most from your time there, encouraging you to be more focused on achieving your specific goals rather than the shared goal of a larger group.

A better night’s sleep

Spending your days undertaking challenging and entertaining activities will encourage energy and motivation meaning at the end of the day you’re much more likely to have a more restful night’s sleep. Daily relaxation sessions will also give you a chance to wind down and start the next day just as invigorated as the last.

A new lease of life

Completing a weight loss retreat will provide you with the kick start you need to keep up with a regular fitness routine. Trust us when we say that once you’ve lost a few inches, you’ll be more motivated than ever to keep up the good work. Soon, you’ll be a regular gym goer and wonder what you ever did with your spare time before you were hitting the treadmill every night. What’s more, regular exercise is essential for your mental health. Therefore, you’re much more likely to suffer less from feelings of stress, anxiety and even depression.

If you’re considering a weight loss retreat, why not check out the ones that we offer here at Prestige Bootcamp. Whether you want to spend a weekend in a coastal Devon retreat or go further afield to a villa in Portugal, we have a team of experts on hand to help you achieve your dream.