Why training outdoors benefits your health

Why training outdoors benefits your health

2 December 2015

The benefits of exercising outdoors may just outweigh the drawbacks of the cold weather..

Health benefits to exercise or training outdoors

As winter approaches (far too quickly, in our opinion) exercise may not seem the most appealing thing to do, but the benefits of exercising and training outdoors may just outweigh the drawbacks of the cold weather.

Remember, exercise benefits extend to more than just physical health.

A perhaps not-too-obvious benefit is that exercising outdoors, even just for 5 minutes, can improve your mood and self esteem. Research conducted by Glasgow University showed that the positive effect on people’s mental health was 50 per cent more than they might expect from going to the gym.

Researchers stated that “the brain likes to be in the natural environment, and it reacts to being there by turning down our stress response.”

“Previous experimental studies have shown that exercise in natural environments has a positive effect on "biomarkers", which indicate general health, and on an individual's view of his or her levels of stress or fatigue.”

A 2011 study showed that outdoor exercise reduced tension, confusion, anger, and depression when compared to an indoor activity.

Sunny D

Another benefit of outdoor exercise is Vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for strong bones and a healthy immune system, and it can be attained by exposure to the sun. What’s not to like?! Experts suggest 5 to 30 minutes of sun between 10am and 3pm, twice a week, is enough for vitamin D synthesis. Remember to wear sunscreen!

However, if you suffer from allergies, or live in an area with strong air pollution, working out indoors may be a better choice.

Ift?he cold is putting you off, don’t worry about it!

Of course, going to the gym or a class does have its benefits. Workouts led by a certified instructor lead less risk of injuries etc. Plus, you might learn to do something you couldn’t previously! If you struggle with motivation, the gym may be a better option for you. Some revel in the atmosphere that gyms bring, including the hot tubs and saunas. Seasonal gym classes are always an option; don’t be afraid to mix things up!

Bootcamp is best?

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