The benefits of a detox holiday for your mind and body

The benefits of a detox holiday for your mind and body

11 August 2017

People choose to go on a detox holiday for a whole host of reasons; it might be to lose weight, for health benefits, or to take time out from a fast paced lifestyle. If you’re unsure how a detox holiday could benefit you, read on to find out exactly why it is the right decision for you.

Achieve your goals
Before your detox holiday, you will be asked to outline exactly what you want to achieve.  The programme will be tailored to your needs and goals, helping you achieve individual goals as well as group goals.  This could be health benefits, weight loss or improving fitness, but whatever it is; a detox holiday will get the ball rolling and give you the tools to achieve more long-term goals.

Alternative way to get fit and lose weight
A detox holiday will offer you a completely different way to get fit and lose weight.  You will go on hikes to see stunning scenery, do fun challenges and take part in games aimed at improving fitness while having fun.  This is a completely different way of working out to waking up at 6 am on a cold morning in England and attempting to drag yourself out of a cosy bed to go for a run before work.

Health and beauty benefits
One of the biggest aspects of a detox holiday is the juice cleanse.  On Juicing holidays you will be given personal detoxification support, ensuring you receive a whole range of benefits for your health and, perhaps surprisingly, your beauty. 

Breakouts, brittle hair and brittle nails, could all be a result of your diet and the toxins in your body.  A juice cleanse will clear the body of toxins, and the high vitamin content helps with hair growth and acne as well as headaches and insomnia.  It’s true, what you eat really does reflect on the outside.   The foods you consume on a detox are high in nutrients and minerals and help promote weight loss.

More energy
By ridding your body of toxins and waste, you will have more energy.  This is because juices are easier for your body to digest, meaning the nutrients go straight into your blood stream and providing you with energy straight away.  You will also avoid spikes and crashes caused by sugary snacks and will have more sustainable energy by choosing healthier options.

You will also benefit from a better immune system as your body is spending less time processing hard to break down foods and the energy can be used elsewhere.

Long term benefits
Not only will you see great results at the end of the holiday but will continue to benefit when you go home because you will have been educated about exercising and eating right.  You will receive expert knowledge, helping you find the focus and drive you need and giving you the tools you need to achieve your goals.  Once you are educated about why juice cleanses work and know which juices work the best for you, you will be able to keep reaping the benefits at home by following online recipes.

Detox holidays are becoming increasingly popular, and if you would like to see the benefits for yourself, don’t hesitate - book today!